Aquaculture Pathophysiology


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Aquaculture Pathophysiology, Volume II. Crustacean and Molluscan Diseases is a concise, practical reference on shellfish diseases of significant risk to aquaculture. Its value to the veterinarian, fish health biologist or extensionist, fish pathologist and fish health diagnostician is its easy reach for critical information on the diagnosis and management of significant infectious and non-infectious diseases for the major temperate, subtropical and tropical shellfish species of commercial and fisheries importance. This volume should be read in partnership with volume one on finfish diseases as the principles and approach to the diagnosis and management of aquacultured animal species are similar.

This comprehensive resource is ideal for researchers, teachers, students, diagnostic laboratory scientists, aquaculture technicians, and farmers who need to be competent across both finfish and shellfish health issues.

  • Presents a focus on the disease process of major or emerging viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections affecting aquacultured shellfish species e.g., shrimp, lobsters, crayfish, crabs, oysters, mussels, abalone and scallops
  • Focuses on important or emerging environmental, nutritional, genetic, deformity, toxicological, endocrine disruption, and neoplastic diseases in crustaceans and mollusks
  • Provides a review of the immunology of shellfish relevant to a practical understanding of disease diagnosis and management
  • Includes an overview of laboratory diagnostic methods relevant to the detection of shellfish diseases
  • Discusses the diverse risk factors of shellfish diseases and options for their control
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Publication Date:
August 26, 2022