Barron's Dog Training Bible

Barron's Dog Training Bible

by Andrea Arden and Seth Casteel
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Barrons Educational Series Inc
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November 01, 2011
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Do You Have a Pet Dog in Your Future?

Whether you have just acquired a dog or are planning to get one, this book will start you off on the right track. Training expert Andrea Arden points out how important it is for you to understand canine psychology as well as your dog's learning capacity as necessary prerequisites to effective training. She discusses several approaches to positive training and explains how to teach dogs of all breeds and mixes to become well-mannered and social canines. You will also find:

Veterinarian-approved advice on--
  • Housetraining, including crate training and creating an effective schedule
  • Socialization, with reference to handling and gentling, bite inhibition, and social skills with people and other animals
  • Dog Training 101: Foundation Exercises, which include exercises in eye contact, teaching a dog to come, sit, down, stay, walk on leash, and more
  • Physical and Mental Activity, including advice on teaching games and tricks, agility training, and more
  • Preventing Behavior Problems, such as excessive barking, destructive chewing or digging, begging, and more

    Packed with attractive and instructive color photos

    Andrea Arden is an Animal Planet pet expert, a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, a Certified Pet Partners Team evaluator for the Delta Society, and a certified evaluator for the AKC's Canine Good Citizen test, as well as director of Andrea Arden Dog Training in New York City.
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