Clockwork, Revised and Expanded

Mike Michalowicz

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The missing link that will prepare your business and your mind you for the next stage of business growth. --from the Foreword by Gino Wickman, author of Entrepreneurial Leap and Traction

Does your business own you more than you own it? Are you afraid it will collapse without you? Are you sacrificing your family, friends, and freedom to keep your business in business? What if, instead, your company could run on automatic while it continued to grow and turn a profit?

It's possible--and the revised and expanded edition of Clockwork makes it easier than ever.

If you're like most entrepreneurs, you started your company so you could be your own boss, make the money you deserve, and live life on your own terms. In reality, you're bogged down in the daily grind, constantly putting out fires, answering an endless stream of questions, and continually hunting for cash.

In Clockwork, Revised & Expanded, entrepreneurship expert Mike Michalowicz improves on his step-by-step method for getting more done by doing less - making it easier than ever to have your business run itself.

The culmination of more than ten years research, with hundreds of new real-life case studies and improved processes drawn--drawn directly from Mike's hugely successful training program--Clockwork, Revised & Expanded is your recipe for an ultra-efficient business.

Among the many new and improved strategies, you will learn how to:
- Transfer any task off your plate and trust that your team will get it done right.
- Elevate your role in your company (and life) with one single word.
- Pinpoint the critical function your business must master to avoid mediocrity.
- Leverage the extraordinary power of the 3.2 hour productivity rule.
- And finally--do what you want, when you want, in your business and your life.

Clockwork Revised & Expanded even includes an entirely new section that details how to improve each team member's efficiency - both individually and within teams - without leadership involvement.

With Mike's Clockwork system, you will make your business finally work for you.

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Dimensions (WxH):
6.2 x 9.3
Penguin Publishing Group
Publication Date:
August 30, 2022