Love Does Study Guide with DVD

Bob Goff

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Love isn't a feeling. It's an activity. It's something you do. And participating in the act of love is the secret to understanding God's love--the secret to a life well lived.

Building on the foundation of the New York Times bestseller, Love Does, the Love Does video study is a case study in love done--a love that's practical, functional, active. Not a "love" that has all the right answers. Not a "love" with ulterior motives. Not a "love" that's all talk or paralyzed by doubt. But a radically alive love that's an intentional participation in God's world.

How is that kind of love done?

The how is what this study is about. Real growth happens when you learn how to tap into the empowering, energizing love of God. Using it fills you. Risking it secures you. Giving it satisfies you.

Each of the five sessions in the Love Does video study explores a different aspect of God's active love through Bob Goff's teachings and stories:

  • I'm With You - we've been given the invitation to love. Taking it seriously is where life meets faith.
  • Free to Fail - exploring the nature of failure, how it works, and what God does with it.
  • Audacious Love - understanding why receiving love is essential to giving love.
  • Be Not Afraid - chasing out the anxieties that keep us from acting and living the life that Jesus has called us to.
  • Follow Me - delving into how to bring our passions and plans together and bind them to God's plan.

This study guide provides teaching notes, discussion questions, Bible study, between-session activities and a practical application called "Putting Love into Action," which gives you the opportunity to put the principles you have learned into real-life practice.

It's time to step off the ledge and fall into God's immeasurable love.

Sessions include: 

  1. I’m With You (8:00) 
  2. Free to Fail (14:00) 
  3. Audacious Love (8:00) 
  4. Be Not Afraid (15:00) 
  5. Follow Me (11:00) 

This pack contains: 

  • Love Does Study Guide 
  • Love Does Video Study DVD 
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Thomas Nelson
Publication Date:
April 30, 2012