Privileged Grace

Privileged Grace

by Amal Islim
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August 29, 2012
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My main message is if we fight our own demons, learn to forgive and love ourselves, do and attract the good, then we can reach our inner peace, where all other blessings stem from. When we reach this point, we do not have the need to fight or hurt one another, thus, tolerance, compassion, acceptance, and hopefully, earthly peace. In my book Privileged Grace, previously published as Walking with the Vain Cattle in 2009, I shared through the best truth I knew, my deepest thoughts, emotions, pains, challenges, dreams, gradual healing, evolution, insights, and triumphs which led me to my light. Of course, each of us will have different quests and battles to reach happiness and peace. Mine were mainly dealing with the conformity, banality, mendacity, and evil of our world, such as war, corruption, slander, manipulation, abuse, etc., and to top it, my own ego. This might explain the choice of the previous book's title. Simply, this was the diary of my spiritual journey, and I know that this odyssey is still at its beginning. But as any other book, movie, or a piece of theatre, it either brings you laughter and tears, guidance, awareness, realizations, smiles, messages, inspiration, etc., or it doesn't. It is up to you to see it from any point of view you please or simply view its points, and then you can still distort it, if you wish! Thank you for reading me, and hope this book brings you insights and answers, which might help you define and reach your inner light and peace. God bless.