Sweet Sleep

Sweet Sleep

Diane Wiessinger, Diana West, Linda J. Smith, and Teresa J. Pitman

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Sweet Sleep is the first and most complete book on nights and naps for breastfeeding families. It's mother-wisdom, reassurance, and a how-to guide for making sane and safe decisions on how and where your family sleeps, backed by the latest research.

It's 4 A.M. You've nursed your baby five times throughout the night. You're beyond exhausted. But where can you breastfeed safely when you might fall asleep? You've heard that your bed is dangerous for babies. Or is it? Is there a way to reduce the risk? Does life really have to be this hard? No, it doesn't. Sweet Sleep is within reach. This invaluable resource will help you

- sleep better tonight in under ten minutes with the Quick Start guide--and sleep safer every night with the Safe Sleep Seven checklist
- sort out the facts and fictions of bedsharing and SIDS
- learn about normal sleep at every age and stage, from newborn to new parent
- direct your baby toward longer sleep when he's ready
- tailor your approach to your baby's temperament
- uncover the hidden costs of sleep training and "cry it out" techniques
- navigate naps at home and daycare
- handle concerns from family, friends, and physicians
- enjoy stories and tips from mothers like you
- make the soundest sleep decisions for your family and your life

Advance praise for Sweet Sleep

"Chock-full of advice and information . . . The editors smartly break the information into digestible bits organized by topics and age ranges. And for any parent desperate for an uninterrupted few hours of sleep, the advice is worth the read. Sweet Sleep includes extensive information on creating a safe sleep space, helping children learn to sleep on their own and defusing criticism of your family's choices. . . . This book is nothing but supportive of whatever your choices are about nursing and sleeping."--BookPage

"An essential guide for parents . . . detailed, practical advice on bed sharing and breast-feeding, with basic guidelines for safe bed sharing outlined in seven steps."--Publishers Weekly

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Dimensions (WxH):
6.09 x 9.17
Random House Publishing Group
Publication Date:
July 29, 2014