The Great Lord Shri Krishna's Stories.

The Great Lord Shri Krishna's Stories.

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The gret lord shri krishna's stories for children.The killing of demon kansa and other demon's and asur's.Tip's to remember when reading a story to your child.*Act like the character.When you get into the zone of the character, it makes your child's imagination soar.To make thing's more interesting, you could ask your child what he think's a character would sound like.Then, continue on with that voice.*Put a finger on every word as you read it.Reading these stories with your child will also help develop his communication and grammar skill's.Enunciate every word you read and try making him spell word's out loud.However, don't turn story time into a lesson for him, make sure to do this only every now and then.*Make it interactive.A lot of the stories you read involve scenes where character's decide what they have to do.In such a case, you can ask your child what he/she would do if he was a character in the story.That way, your child will be involved in the story and you can also explain to him/her how certain action's have consequences.Young children often enjoy bed time stories and it has become a traditional way to put their curious mind's to rest.Besides making them go to bed with a smile, bedtime stories help their mental and social development in a very subtle yet powerful way.So, make sure to read your child a story to bed whenever