The Midlife Health Guide for Women by Rao, Chris G., M.D.

The Midlife Health Guide for Women by Rao, Chris G., M.D.

by Chris G. Rao
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Have you been trying hard, but can't lose or keep off the weight? Is your sex drive stuck in neutral? Energy in the gutter? What's the truth about bio-identical hormonal replacements in women before and after menopause? The MidLife Health Guide for Women addresses these and many other common concerns of middle-aged women: IBS, addictions, mood concerns, breast health, birth control and more. It's all covered here. Be proactive about your number one commodity-your health. MidLife is the time to do it! In his companion to The Midlife Health Guide for Men, Chris Rao, MD explains cutting-edge methods to obtain optimal health through his integrative approaches. It's all about Pro-Aging and Pro-Health! Follow three women, our Maggies, in various stages of midlife-their thirties, forties and fifties. Laugh, cry, and be enlightened as they share their health concerns and journey to optimal health. You will be the better for it. Dr Rao covers all the facts and options on • Diets Learn the secret behind finally losing the fat. Avoid the "crash and burn" phenomena. • Exercise Learn how to exercise intelligently; increase your energy and metabolism. • Supplements Confused? Discover the truth about which ones do you the most good. • Toxins and Heavy Metal What you and your doctor don't know can hurt you. • Testosterone, Menopause, Thyroid, HGH and all hormonal options Are they safe and effective for your situation? Ladies, get back in the groove.